The rancher decides to make the width of the rectangle 40 ft what is the area of the rectangle

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A rancher will use 600 m of fencing to build a corral in the shape of a semicircle on top of a rectangle. Find the deminsions that maximize the area of the corral. ... Let x = the width of the rectangle. 2r = length of the rectangle. The perimeter of the corral would then be 2x + 2r + πr = 600. x = 300 - r - πr/2. The area is 2xr + πr^2/2. f ...
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15. What is the width of a rectangle with length 14 cm and area 161 cm2? 11.5 cm 16. What is the radius of a circle with circumference 13 ft? about 2.1 ft 17. A rectangle has perimeter 182 in. and length 52 in. What is the width? 39 in. 18. A triangle has base 7 m and area 17.5 m2. What is the height?
Perimeter of a rectangle. The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is (width + height) x 2, as seen in the figure below: You need two measurements for a rectangle - width and length. Make sure both are in the same unit, or convert one of them as necessary. If you're looking for a home that is easy and inexpensive to build, a rectangular house plan would be a smart decision on your part! Many factors contribute to the cost of new home construction, but the foundation and roof are two of the largest ones and have a huge impact on the final price.
Sun2Solar Blue 20-Foot by 40-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover ⭐ Best Solar Blanket for Rectangular Pools. The Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover is ideal for both inground and above-ground pools. It can reduce water evaporation by 95% and pool heat loss by 15%, according to the company. A rancher wants to make a rectangular pen to house her animals. She will divide it up with 3 fences down the middle parallel to one side. If she has 14,000 ft of fencing to work with, what are the ...Sep 09, 2018 · rectangle has sides of length 15 cm and 24 cm. If the larger rectangle is related to the smaller rectangle by a scale factor of 1.2, what are the dimensions Of the larger rectangle? A. 125 cm, 20cm B. 17 cm, 26 cm C. 18 cm, 18.8 cm D. 18 cm, 28.8 cm 3. The ratio of the areas of two squa If the area of the smaller square i 5 quare
the area is 3600 square feet: l*w = 3600. plug l = 150 - w into the last equation: (150 - w)w = 3600. by solving we find: Click to see all the steps. one side is 30 ft and the other is 120 ft. the rectangle should have dimensions of: 30 ft by 120 ft.This is the calculated area of the rectangle, which this tool determines by multiplying together the length and width measurements. Select the required area measurement units to display the result. The following conversion factors in square metres (m²) are used to convert the calculated area into different units:
length of 40 meters. Find the perimeters of an Olympic pool and the new pool. SOLUTION 1. Understand the Problem You are given the length and width of a rectangle and the length of a similar rectangle. You need to fi nd the perimeters of both rectangles. 2. Make a Plan Find the scale factor of the similar rectangles and fi nd the perimeter
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